Winter x Spring

Feb 01-June30

Koko-sensei's cozy room where you're invited to learn, meet other artists, get inspired to draw!

(also learn Japanese culture and language🇯🇵)

Manga-Anime Drawing x Japan
Register by Feb. 3.

This program is for everyone who wants to...

  • improve your drawing skills
  • meet with like-minded artists
  • learn about Japan, language, culture, trends, ...
  • gain some motivation and inspiration
  • have fun drawing
  • get out of art block

Drawing Lessons

Discord Access
Japan Culture / Language Lessons

Weekly Chat Room

Direct Support from Koko-sensei

LIVE Social Drawing Hour
Creative, Fun Projects

Image Gallery

New Friends :)

Motivation, Inspiration.

Curious what we do in my club? Let me show you a few examples of Lessons / Projects we did in my previous membership.
*This is not what we all did in a month! I'm choosing randomly and show you, what we have done in my last years of membership. :)

Drawing Lesson, of course! I make lessons based on my students' requests.

Lesson Sheets. Sometimes I created 1-page sheet to explain drawing tips.

I've collected questions from my students first, and had an interview with Japanese Pro-mangaka!

A student loves Anime Bungo Stray Dogs. I used to live in the area where the main character lived, so I gave a virtual-walking tour :) !

This is something special, that only locals can do ;)

Many students are fan of "Genshin Impact" game.
I translated their interview and shared with my students!

Students will have monthly Art Challenge!
"Receive a task and Work for it" is a great drawing exercise!

Since I am a native Japanese, I also give Japanese lessons!
Students can send me a request in my Art Club!

LIVE Event, this is very motivating session. We gather and work on own art while we chit chat on text. Sometimes we listen to music, focus on drawing for 60mins. Students can ask me any questions and get immediate help.

We use Discord for my membership.

BONUS 1. For those bought $150 one-time payment, I love your dedication and reward you! You are invited to a special Live "Hand-Drawing Lesson" with me! Date will be announced in Discord.

BONUS 2: Is your drawing background is too white? too empty? Solution is here! I will give you 48 background design ideas. (PDF) You can use those to put as a background, level up your art!

Price // Feb 1 - June 30

Doors Close on February 3, Saturday.

After the payment, please forward me your receipt. I will then send you a student form:)

USD $150 whole semester

5 months + Bonuses

  • Drawing Lesson Videos
  • Japanese Culture + Language
  • Discord Access
  • LIVE Social work room
  • Projects / Assignments
  • Direct Support from Koko-sensei
  • Bonuses
Sign Up!!! This is the coolest club!
Credit Card

USD $36 per month
(cancel anytime)

Automatic Recurring Payment
You will get a portal site and control by yourself at ease

  • Drawing Lesson Videos
  • Japanese Culture + Language
  • Discord Access
  • LIVE Social work room
  • Projects / Assignments
  • Direct Support from Koko-sensei
  • Bonuses

USD $80x2
whole semester
Payment Plan

5 months + 2 payments

  • Drawing Lesson Videos
  • Japanese Culture + Language
  • Discord Access
  • LIVE Social work room
  • Projects / Assignments
  • Direct Support from Koko-sensei
  • Bonuses

What can you get for $30? 🤔🤔 It costs $30 if 2 people go see a movie that lasts for 2 hours? my Art Club lasts for 30days!!! Or 2 people go out to get 2 lunches? 🫢 In my club students get to learn drawing and Japanese -- that will impact you rest of your life!! There aren't many membership like that ;)

hummm... but is Koko-sensei Good?
you may wonder....
Let's hear what people say?!

"My kids were impressed by your skills and patience during the drawings. You were waiting for all to have the particular parts of drawings to be done. They liked your feedbacks to homeworks - because you were discussing mistakes and explaining the ways of making corrections. You didn't criticize any of the students. And they find it great when they saw your pictures from Japan. They find it great that you taught them few words in Japanese."

- Ewa Czerwińska / Student's Mother - architect at Fabryka Architektury and Mental Trainer at Przestrzeń Podróży Mentalnej

"Hello My name is Mille, 16 year-old. and I am one of Koko-sensei's students.

I love Koko's lessons and I genuinely respect her as a teacher. I like so many things about her as a teacher, and the list could go on forever.

One of the things you notice instantly is that she’s a very hardworking person and always trying her best to help everybody. She’s constantly smiling and making sure nobody feels left out, and it's nice because every time you have a lesson with her you will almost always see her smiling and laughing with us students.

I think personally that is one of the biggest factors to why I always stuck with her as my drawing teacher and of course, it’s also because of how good she is at her own style and how she makes it look so easy teaching others about your style.

She’s also a thoughtful person and always gives us compliments on our drawings and keeps us motivated and I am thankful for that because if it weren't for her, I would have quit drawing a long time ago.

Sincerely, Mille - from Denmark."

" I trust Koko because she is a kind and patient teacher who also gets results! Seeing how happy and confident my son is that his drawing skills are improving gives me confidence to join more of her programs. ..

My son is always so excited whenever Koko has a class, so I just ask him if he wants to join and if it's a yes, signing up is a no-brainer. I know she is going to provide great value.

I'm just happy that he is doing something constructive with his time, and having fun doing it!

I think the arts are very important, and even if he doesn't become an actual artist there is so much value in appreciating different art forms.

Joanie - Florida, USA"


How many hours per week do I need to invest for this club?

You decide! :D My club.... it's open-schedule, and I won't have any monthly fixed dates.
I publish a monthly schedule but dates, projects, activities, lessons vary.
I offer about 3 things per month. Everyone has own different schedule, so I try to make as easy as I can.

How many lessons do I get?

I will make 1 or 2 video lessons per month. :) I may also host a pop-up Live Lesson.
Lessons come from students' requests.
so if you join, use this opportunity! Tell me your struggle of drawing and I will help you!

I live in a different time zone :(

Many activities in my clubs are Time-Zone-Less. We will communicate over Discord, you can reach out to me anytime. I try to help you whenever I can :)

I live in Denmark (CET) .
When I go LIVE I will choose different time zones and when the best fits with my schedule. Schedule will vary. Everything is recorded in my Art Club and available for stduents!

What drawing level do you require to join?
Beginners to Advanced are welcome :)
When I give you a task, you do it with own level.

I draw traditional / digital, can I still join?

yup! I also draw both traditional and digital. My club is designed for both artists. :)

Do I have to be social? Do I have to turn on a face camera?

lol no! I don't force you to do anything in my club.

If you don't want to show your face, that's okay!

if you are introvert, you don't need to join our weekly-chat.

If you are too shy to share your art that's alright as long as you enjoy learning.

I want this club to be cozy, creative, and useful... You're you, be you!

  • If anybody misbehaves in the community, being rude, offensive, annoying, ... he/she will be banned. I want my room to be peaceful!
  • This is a family-friendly club. I don't allow arts that are gory, violence, sexual, offensive.


Attention aspiring manga and anime artists! I am Koko-sensei, a highly skilled professional illustrator and expert in Manga Anime Style.

With over a decade of experience and a staggering 160,000 followers on social media, I am not just an instructor but an art influencer!

Come join my program to spend quality time!

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I like to be fun! and supportive.


You have questions.
I have answers.